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About Flora Martina Etterich

Attended school in Düsseldorf; masters in philosophy, linguistics, English and Romance language and cultures in Konstanz; further studies in pedagogy at the University of Zürich; 19 years teaching at Rudolf Steiner schools as a class teacher and as a music teacher; author of a syllabus based on the anthroposophical school of thought for schools for special needs children; training in Intuitive Pedagogy with Pär Albohm; tutoring in Rudolf Steiner education methods in Malaysia,Taiwan  and China since 2009; forging of percussion instruments for improvisational play. Lecturer at the Institute of pedagogy in Witten-Annen since 2015. She lives mainly near Lake Constance with her husband and two daughters.


Basic Principles

The basic principles of my musical ideas arose during practical experience with music and education in four different fields of work. A) Teaching experience as a music teacher and class teacher in the lower grades of a Steiner school, and as an instrument teacher during my studies. Ideas for the transmission of artistic and interpersonal skills. B) Research work in the field of sound phenomena, material science (strings, wood, iron, bronze, copper, wind instruments), my own forging and carving work for sound instruments, participation in work groups for the exchange of ideas amongst instrument makers. (Recommended reading "Heilung und Schwingung"). Observations on salutogenetic and creative aspects of making music. C) Observations on the philosophy of music and improvisational music making on various instruments in group settings. Reading and discussions on Arnold Schoenberg's "Harmonielehre", Hindemith, Goethe's Tonlehre, Orff, Hans Sender's "Die Sinne denken", Asian sources (on ancient Indian dhrupad singing and Nada Yoga), and Chinese philosophy of the eight instrumental tones. D) Theoretical and practical experience with music therapy (a three-year training course with Thomas Adam, Bochum), with the emphasis on singing therapy (breathing, rhythm, the hearing process). Work with the threefold model of the human, as described in Ayurveda, in traditional Chinese medicine and in anthroposophical medicine.